St. Mary’s History Showcased at 175th Speaker Series Event

Mar 4, 2024 | 175th Anniversary, Village News

St. Mary’s History Showcased at 175th Speaker Series Event

  The long and proud history of St. Mary’s High School and St. Mary’s Church was the topic of a fascinating panel discussion on Feb. 29 at the school on Laverack. The event was part of a continuing series of monthly speakers recognizing the Village’s 175th anniversary. The panel included Head of the School Kevin Kelleher (Class of 1989), Don Monnin (Class President in 1980) and Neil Connelly (Class of 1967). The event attracted more than expected as organizers needed to get additional chairs.

Those in attendance were treated to a welcoming room that had several tables of memorabilia filled with copies of old school newspapers, sports items, yearbooks and photographs through the decades. A power point presentation covered multiple topics including the church, the “old school” that served as both high school and elementary school as well as the convent and rectory. Among the alumni in attendance was 93-year-old Bob Knauber, a member of the Class of 1949, and Joe Schaefer., a member of the SMH Hall of Fame. Joe was a member of the first class (1956) to graduate from the “new school.” The old school on the hill school was demolished in 1979.

Don Monnin Village’s 175th leads panel discussion

Panel Kevin Kelleher, Don Monnin, Neil Connelly

standing room only crowd

Gavin O’Brien, Chairman of 175th Committee

game ball from 9-0 team in 1983.

Mark Rzemek ’79 career ball.

memorabilia table.

Bob Knauber, ’49 Joe Schaefer ’56.




Village Trustee Cyndi Maciejewski, 175th Chairman Gavin O’Brien.

Village Mayor Lynne Ruda, Kevin Kelleher.

Kevin Kelleher, Don Monnin.