West Main Street Extension Project

 Project Overview

 There has been some great progress on the West Main Street Project and the contractor is working quickly to get as much completed as possible before the winter shutdown. The 2-way street is open for traffic as of Wednesday, 11/25/2020, with a short list of items that will need to be completed in the spring due to cold weather impacts. Currently this list includes trees and plantings along the road, final top coat of pavement, some sidewalk sections, and the final center section of the roundabout. We are excited about this transformational project that will restore the historic streetscape, and appreciate the patience of residents and business owners as we go through the construction phase. Construction for Phase 1 of the new buildings will begin in Spring 2021 on the North end of the extension. Walk our new extended sidewalks and Stroll the Village to Support Local!

Our Vision

The Village of Lancaster envisions the Central Business District as a vibrant, mixed-use destination providing opportunities for a “Shop, Stroll, Stay” experience for both residents and visitors. The West Main Street Extension Project represents a public realm investment that will stimulate this vision. This project includes these elements:

  • Complete street design to accommodate vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, parking and streetscape
  • Extension of West Main Street to Aurora Street. Conversion from one-way street to two-way
  • Improvements to West Main Street/Center Avenue intersection. Addition of mini-roundabout at new intersection of West Main Street/Aurora Street​
  • 11 foot shared vehicle/bicycle travel lanes, 8 foot parallel parking lanes on both sides of the street, pedestrian components
  • Street trees, light poles, landscape amenities (benches, planters)
  • Wayfinding and interpretive signage
  • Utility relocations and upgrades (including sanitary sewer, storm sewer, waterlines, gas lines)
  • To view a street level view of the proposed West Main Street sections, (existing and new) please click here.


What do you need to know about roundabouts?

  • You do not need to come to a complete stop. Just slow down and yield to traffic coming around along with pedestrians
  • You only turn right and follow the circle until you come to the street you would like to turn down. do not turn left​
  • Large trucks & emergency vehicles are able to drive through the middle

*this is considered a mini roundabout*