Downtown Lancaster Roundabouts Project

Oct 26, 2022 | Construction Project Updates

On Thursday October 27, crews will be installing the outside curb on both of the Roundabouts.  During installation, traffic will be hampered as the crews work their way around the roundabout.  It should take approximately 15 minutes for each quarter of the roundabout. During that time, traffic will be directed away from the work area. Work is expected to begin at approximately 9:00 that morning. We anticipate the work to be completed by 3:00 pm, barring any unforeseen issues.

After the curbs are poured, busses and firetrucks will be able to maneuver around the partial roundabout, but we ask that they proceed slowly and swing wide right to avoid hitting the new curb.  The curb will be stand-alone until we pour the truck apron sometime next week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the project manager, Tim Haynes, at 716-364-6972.